JA21: “Opening the gas tap in Groningen in a responsible way, investing in better infrastructure”

The JA21 faction wants to open the gas tap in Groningen in a responsible way. The party also wants to invest in better infrastructure, for example with the Lower Saxony Line. This was stated in the party’s election manifesto.

JA21 is one of the parties participating in the provincial elections in March. The 12 election programs will be presented on Wednesday. The party in Groningen believes there is no place for wind turbines. However, the province must focus on nuclear energy. The party also wants to stop asylum, and give farmers and construction companies space, where they are not hampered by the nitrogen problem. “These are topics that affect all the problems and limitations that Groningen is currently grappling with,” says the party.

Gas extraction
The party is also clear about gas extraction: “Gas extraction in Groningen has supplied gas to the Netherlands for years and generated billions. JA21 wants to open the gas tap in Groningen in a responsible way. We hereby offer generous compensation to residents of Groningen who suffer damages from gas extraction. Earthquake-resistant houses and we pay particular attention to the sediments of Groningen, churches and monuments damaged by earthquakes.”

Lower Saxony Line
The party wants big investments in accessibility: “Groningen deserves better infrastructure. We sometimes travel longer within the province than if we go to Amsterdam by train. It should and can be done differently. The construction of the Lower Saxony line is crucial for better access to the northern provinces” . Groningen Eald Airport must also remain open: “GAE is important for employment and the business climate for companies in Groningen. It is also important to have an airport for passengers in the north. We want an increased role for Groningen Eald Airport.”

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