JA21 wants to transfer a safe reception: “Asylum seekers to Curaçao” | the interior

The party makes the proposal in line with Denmark and the United Kingdom, which want to transfer asylum procedures to Rwanda. But when the Netherlands faces other legislation in that country, safe Caribbean citizens can be re-accepted under Dutch legislation, according to party leader Jos Erdmann.

Construction workers in Rwanda house asylum seekers from Great Britain.

Construction workers in Rwanda house asylum seekers from Great Britain.

“We anticipate that this policy change in our asylum policy will have a massive discouraging effect on the access of safe land owners to the Netherlands.” As far as it is concerned, this is a first step towards moving the entire asylum procedure to the partner countries.

coalition agreement

In the coalition agreement, the government intends to seek “migration partnerships with third countries” to manage migration flows and generate returns. However, nothing has come from these intentions that were cherished by the previous government. Erdmann wants to increase pressure with his proposal.

European law professor Gareth Davies and associate professor of immigration law Martin Strunks of the Free University may find the proposal “legally interesting,” but they care little about its feasibility. Erdmann concedes that Curaçao, which he sees most clearly in this plan because of its size, has not yet been asked to cooperate.

immigration deals

Besides the JA21 and the PVV, the ruling party VVD is also with the agreements like Denmark and the UK that (want) to make with Rwanda. “The VVD is in favor of immigration deals with countries outside the European Union,” VVD MP Robin Brekelmans said recently.

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“The UK is showing that migration deals with countries outside Europe are still possible. The EU must also do more on this.”

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