Jakobsen makes Oostvoorne explode: Best ultra-fast runner for Refugees Mollema and van der Horn | sports

Fabio Jacobsen blew up Ostforni Thursday night. Importer Zuidlander defeated refugees Bauke Mollema and Taco van der Hoorn after a thrilling match. This is for the pleasure of the massive audience.

For Fabio Jacobsen, this was the last benchmark after the Tour de France for the time being. With three victories and a number of honors it was a great expedition. He is now focused on the European Championship, which takes place in Munich mid-August. ‘I haven’t explored the path yet,’ says Jacobsen. ,, but I heard from national team coach Coz Morinhout that he’s probably going to turn into a sprint. Then I have to be there, I’m the captain of the Dutch national team.”

Jacobsen will not be able to count on Bock Mollema’s support. De Groninger, a two-time former Ostforni winner, will not be starting. He appears to be in good shape from the fifth place he achieved in San Sebastian. The coin after the round is perfect for maintaining the shape you gain in the round, is his experience.

Rotterdam born

Taco van der Horn is also one who looks back with pleasure. Bollentrekker is real, but he was born in Rotterdam. ‘That’s right,’ says the rider, who currently works in Wageningen but also has a home in Andorra. , but other than that I have nothing to do with Rotterdam. I was born in Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, because my mother is from Rotterdam. I had the best time racing after the round. It was nice to have a nice chat with colleagues after the race. The fact that I still won at Steenwijk with my sprint win from Pascal Eenkhoorn is an added prize.

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Lucinda Brand, Who held a successful festival last Saturday, came within short distance of winning the women’s race. She can no longer follow Paulina Ruijkers, who survived the final. There was also respect for Marjolin van Veith. A Dirksland resident fractured her ribs in a fall at the Tour de France last week. However, that didn’t stop her from starting at Oostvoorne, the fifth place was a great bonus for her. It was hard work,” Van Veyth admitted. , but in two weeks it will be a cycling tour of Dirksland and this is my hometown.”

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