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FamousJames Corden, 42, has lost a lot of weight since becoming the new face of Weight Watchers in January. He announced last month that he had lost seven kilograms, and also during the Golden Globes earlier this week, his fans noticed that the talk show host was actually wearing a smaller outfit.

James said he pecked when he followed his son on the soccer field, but couldn’t follow him. After a few minutes he had already run out. He admitted last month, “I knew I had to do something about my weight.” “I want to be healthier for my family. I’ve already lost about seven kilos in five weeks. Just wait and see, by this time next year I’ll be as muscular as The Rock!”

In recent weeks, Corden has apparently not been neglecting his goodwill. Paparazzo captured his new character on a delicate canvas: a big difference when you compare those new shots to the old photos of the host of “The Late Late Show.” His fans estimate that he long ago crossed the seven-pound mark, and he’s now closer to 10 or 15 pounds of weight loss.

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“My wife has helped me a lot,” Corden said. “Thanks to all the delicious but healthy food that she prepared for me, it became very easy to monitor my weight. My membership in Weight Watchers was also important, as I have never been able to lose weight on my own.” Almost every year in January, I advertise to anyone who wants to hear that I’m dieting. But I’ve never worked on it, until today. I’m determined to keep doing it until I look fit and healthy. “

James is now focusing on his diet, exercise, a healthy mindset, and getting enough sleep. “I want to change my lifestyle and do what’s best for my family and kids. I don’t want to wake up tired or embarrassed when I follow my son for three minutes. If 2020 teaches us anything, it is that self-care should be a priority.”

An imminent move

Corden doesn’t just do well in terms of health. The British, who has moved to America to present his talk show, is at the height of his career. Corden has 57 million euros in his bank account today. That’s double his credit in 2015, when he first started working on The Late Late Show. Then James took over from Craig Ferguson.

Last week, James even managed to get Prince Harry for his first major US interview. A shocking but fun reportage that will remain in the collective memory for some time. However, Corden is considering returning to his homeland. He admits “I miss the UK.” “And my family too. My children miss their grandparents who still live there. I feel like my family has been dancing on my tune for too long. It’s time for me to give them something back.”

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It would be a nightmare for American employers, but British broadcasters are waiting for him rubbing their hands. The insiders said: “James wouldn’t have to worry about a job.” “He knows very well that almost any British network would be more than happy to give him his own talk show.”

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