Jamie Chadwick has finished the W series and aims for Formula 1: ‘I’m exploring all options’

Remy Ramjiawan

Jimmy Chadwick is still trying to gain a foothold in Formula 1. The Williams development driver has already won the W Series twice and again this year, the Briton has always been on top with four races remaining in the only women’s championship.

The W series started in 2019. It is meant to give female drivers a stage where they can show off what they have in store. Chadwick dominated the tournament from its inception and achieved a glass ceiling. For example, the Briton can still compete in the W Series for years to come, but the goal remains Class One. In pursuit of that, she is currently exploring her options after this season.


Chadwick wants to win the title this year first and is also looking for new challenges. “My goal is to keep improving. I also want to take that to a new level. I know I have to perform this year, but I also have my eyes on the future. My goal is to be in Formula 3 or Formula 2,” she explains. For this move, it is also looking beyond Europe. “I’m also looking at the possibilities in the US, perhaps in Indy Lights. I’m exploring all options,” she continues.

summer vacation

Also in the W series, summer vacation is currently underway. Now is the time for the British and their administration to have a look around. “We had a nice break after Budapest,” she says. “There was time to understand what we are really capable of and what would be the best chance of signing something.” Chadwick has not yet given up on her dream of Formula 1 at the age of 24 and wants to become the first modern-day female royal.

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