Jandino Asporaat and Linda de Mol films have a chance to win the Golden Calf | Movies and TV shows

Bon Benny Holland 3 With Jandino Asporaat and Tragedy Everything is on the table With Linda de Mol the two main contenders for the public’s golden calf this year. Both films are competing for the prestigious audience award at the Holland Film Festival.

Not surprisingly, the films were nominated. And participate in the three most visited Dutch titles elections this year. The audience can now decide the winner. Both films attracted around 400,000 visitors. The third candidate is Costa!Remake, but this was a much lower performance in movie theaters.

Before Bon Benny HollandActor Asporaat, this will be the fourth time he has won the Audience Award. The former comedian won the statue for Bon Benny Holland 1 And the 2 And the cross Goddesca at Da House. D’Mall has never won an award before. In the past, visitors to the Holland Film Festival handed out the “calf of the year”. But for a few years now, every Dutchman can vote.

Asporaat returns in the third part of Bon BenikThe series returns as the charming con artist Robertico. He mistook himself for the head of the snack chain FC Kip and travels to the United States, where a large businessman wants to buy the company. Tygo Gernandt, Wart Kamps, Najib Amhali and Tineke Schouten play roles in the film.

Everything is on the table, starring De Mol, talks about a group of close friends having dinner. Friends challenge each other to put their smartphones on the table all evening long and share every conversation and text message with the rest of the group. In this way, they hope to prove that they have no secrets from each other. However, it soon becomes clear that they know each other less than they thought.

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The Golden Calves will be awarded on Friday 30th September. Candidates in the other categories will be announced on September 24th.

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