Jane Campion lashes out after Sam Elliott called ‘The Power of the Dog’ a ‘CD movie’.

Earlier this month, veteran actor Sam Elliott slammed him The power of the dog† Elliott clearly did not like the film, so director Jane Campion and his film certainly did not cut to the chase. The latter is now bitten.

Leading actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Flemens and Cody Smith-McPhee all expressed their disagreement with Elliott, but were polite. The same cannot be said of Campion …

Elliott in turn was whipped by the champion. The filmmaker said in a recent interview: “Sorry, but he acts like a bitch. He is not a cowboy, he is an actor. The Wild West is a mythical place, so there are many possibilities. I think he came in a little sexist

Campion’s reaction may be more intense, but Elliott (as is known from this) Great Lepovsky And A star was born) Not exactly friendly. That’s what he called it The power of the dog ao a “k * t movie‘And he did not understand Campion either.

“What is she doing?”
For example, Elliott, who has already appeared in many Western countries, said of Campion: “I think he is a great director and I like his previous works very much. But what is this girl doing? What does a New Zealand woman now know about the American West? Why is she making him there? And then the story is set in Montana? It made me angry too

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