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To honor the life and work of Jannes van der Wal, Vera Groningen, Meindert Talma and Excelsior Recordings came up with the idea of ​​declaring his birthday as a national Jannes van der Wal Day and sports office join it. Moreover, the initiators of that special day want to erect a statue of the draftsman player. Ideally, he would be based in Groningen, where the Frisian van der Waal has lived since his studies.

Janis van der Waal

Van der Waal, born in Dressum, left for Groningen after high school to study there. He soon left his studies to focus entirely on drafts. Van der Waal managed to write quite a few titles to his name. He became a four-time Dutch champion, four-time individual champion in the Dutch sprint, and in 1982 became the world champion in Brazil. As a celebrity he returned to Holland. The new world champion joined Miss Bowman, which eventually became one of his most famous television appearances.

Another television special followed a year later when Dewertje visited Plok van der Waal for the Dutch Drafts Championship. He gave an insight into his personal life, which shows that in addition to his love for the sport of drafts, the piano also plays an important role in his life.

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in a sports office Dewertje Blok takes a look at this special report and it is finally clear what had previously slept on the train, and as a result van der Waal missed a tour of the Dutch national championships.

A broadcast about Jannes van der Wal of course isn’t complete without his friends: Erik Hoeksema, a draftsman, chess player and bridge partner for Jannes, and Bert Dollekamp, ​​a former drafts employee. Al Shamal newspaper. They talk about Jannes’ early years, Grand Master’s success, later days and his legacy. In addition, Eric Dijkstra and Frank Evenblig together with Rob Clerk, who was then his teammate and later national coach for many years, recall Van der Waal’s greatest success: the World Championship. Like icing on the cake, Meindert Talma plays the song he wrote about Van der Wal in 2016.

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This extra-long special broadcast from Bureau Sport is dedicated to Jannes van der Wal between 13:00 and 14:00.

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