Japan earthquake: 120 injured, thousands of families without water

More than 120 people were injured in the earthquake that struck eastern Japan around Fukushima yesterday Was struck. The 7.3-magnitude earthquake off the east coast caused power cuts to millions of people, including the capital, Tokyo. Energy supplies have largely been restored, but thousands of families are still without water.

The Japan Meteorological Service believes this was a consequence of the devastating earthquake that struck the same area in March 2011. The area was then hit by a 9.0 earthquake, which later triggered a tsunami that killed an estimated 18,500 people.

The earthquake and tsunami also caused a nuclear catastrophe when the tidal waves destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant, completely. Serious consequences So.

Aftershock alert

This time, no problems were found at the nuclear power plant. Elsewhere in the affected area as well, the damage appears to be limited.

However, train services to most of northern Japan were closed. Train repairs in eastern Japan will take about ten days, the national broadcaster NHK reports.

Locals are being asked to be wary of multiple aftershocks in the coming days.

Pictures from yesterday’s earthquake:

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