Jay Pierce wants his girlfriend Caris Van Houten to play in his directing debut right Now

Actor Guy Pearce is currently working on his directorial debut and is hoping his girlfriend, Carice van Houten, will also play a role in the movie. In an interview with the Australian magazine World Health Organization He says he’d like to give her a role in the movie Poor boy.

Referring to the film, Pearce said, “Caris is a great actress and every time I work with her has been a great experience. I hope I can get it out soon.” Poor boy Who will do it.

It is not known when the recordings will begin. The movie tells the story of a seven-year-old boy who discovers he may not be the boy he thought. Pierce is also playing one of the same roles.

Pierce, who broke into his lead role in souvenirVan Houten met on the set of West matches By director Martin Koolhoven. They have a four-year-old son, Monty.

Pierce largely lives in Amsterdam with Van Houten, but he tells in the interview with World Health Organization He could not leave Australia entirely. “Monty is now in kindergarten, and we have a good life together. But I still live with one leg in Australia and never give up.”

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