JD Sports adjusts delivery times and customer service after reprimanding ACM

Following a reprimand from the Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority (ACM), JD Sports will set true delivery times on its website. The company has also improved customer service. This was reported in a news item on the ACM website.

From December 2020 to February 2021, ACM received many complaints from consumers about the services offered by the JD Sports web store. Consumers report that their products are not delivered or are often behind schedule and that customer service is unreachable. Nor has the company kept its customers well informed of the status of their orders, according to the ACM.

In response to these complaints, ACM asked JD Sports for clarification and examined the documents. According to JD Sports, the logistical problems could be explained by the consequences of Brexit and the coronavirus. The online sports store has now adapted its style of operation and many orders are delivered directly from Dutch stores, rather than the warehouse in the UK. In addition, customer service has also been addressed, for example, consumers will now respond faster and be better aware of the status of their orders. In the coming period, ACM will monitor JD Sports to see if the problems have been resolved.

JD Sports is a British sports retailer with stores in the UK, Europe, the US, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. The company has 28 branches in the Netherlands.

Photo: JD Sports / Facebook

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