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ZEEWOLDE – Just a fun, almost fifteen-year-old teenager, a typical Dutch boy, but who has a special sport like karting, preferably as fast as you can! So fast, in fact, now, after climbing to the podium several times in the past as a one-day winner, he managed to win the Netherlands Championship 2020 in the junior category. To be exact: twice. How it’s done, this is a little complicated, but Jenson is happy to explain.

It starts with “see,” “You have different types and brands of kart, and they all make up a separate category. There are types of kart and brands that you can mess around with: try all kinds of mods endlessly, try tires, you name it. But there are also strollers to buy as you like.” She and you are not allowed to change anything else. Then everyone drives the same kart, everyone has equal opportunities, without technology playing a separate role. This brand is, for example, Parolin. Well, now you are a Dutch champion in the entry-level class of ID drives 4-stroke, entry-level Parolin, up to twice.

Father Stephan and Mother Elk are very proud of their son. They wrote on their Facebook page: “We can finally scream from the rooftops! After a weird and special year, Jenson can call himself a (double) Dutch Champion. Very happy with this result and proud of all the fantastic victories Jenson achieved last season. Looking forward to the next season. In the senior ID drives category. There is a lot in these few sentences, because without passionate parents who put so much time and money in their children’s passion, you won’t be able to go far in a sport like karting. But does the last sentence mean that Jenson will have a PhD? Stephan explains, “Well, of course it has to do with his age. Last year, he just joined the junior class, but not anymore this year, that’s why. But the gigs are what you call tight. He’s already started shooting up, and at a size 46 he’d be fine.” And by measure! ”He laughs at that comment. So how much time? OK we will see … “

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Aura scales have left their mark on the rhythm of a student like Jenson. “Well, of course he has driven far fewer races than expected. Too bad, but okay, training is allowed if you are under the age of eighteen, and of course abroad.” Father Stephan adds: “In principle, this is no different for Jenson, because he is always training and racing on the outside tracks. But of course there are restrictions, because you can no longer get on the road with an unlimited number of people. It works, just like it does.” In many other sports venues, on slots and schedules. Well, you can live with that. ”

What is the dream of Jenson? Switch to car racing? Become Max Verstappen II? After all, he also started karting, and won all kinds of things … Jenson grin, and says, “Mmm, it takes a lot, and it can’t be financially.” Stephan continues, “Listen, when he was a young man, he was breathing with difficulty looking at that karting, and every penny of my savings was for that sport. That was a reason for us to support and motivate him in this matter, and I also had a nice hobby. But if he said,” I would stop karting. “Tomorrow morning, that’s okay too. He might say that.” “First of all, I hope things will return to normal soon,” concludes Jenson. ”Who shouldn’t … Jenson: Congratulations!

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