Jeroen Rittbergen denies accusation of assaulting voice candidate Ninke

John spoke to Jeroen’s spokesperson and attorney: Peter Plasman. During the broadcast, John said the following: “Peter Plasman is a lawyer. A report has been filed against Jeroen for assault. This is a serious criminal offense. There is a prison sentence. Plasman says on behalf of Jeroen that he vehemently denies assault.”

Nienke participated in 2018 Holland sound. Earlier this week, she told her story on the talk show lover About her experience with Jeroen. Bee lover She said she was still skeptical about filing a tip, but it looks like Nienke did after all today. The attorney said she has now contacted the ethics squad through her attorney, Sebas Dijkstra. In a statement to RTL Boulevard, Sébas said his client Nienke had long been suspicious of making a report. “Especially because she blamed herself. Because of all the developments, she now sees things differently and finally dares to take this step. Although the client still feels compelled to explain exactly what was going to happen and why as long as he has decided not to risk harming the investigation Criminal, which is one of the reasons not to go into the gist of the matter at the moment.”

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