“Jijs Gruntmann jumped out the door, so Mark-Marie Huegbriggs and the FBC quarreled”

Guys, it’s made in Brandt Corstiusland (about half the media country and places you don’t exactly want to be) and this time it has nothing to do with the geijsvandamned forced generation of Brandt Corstius. No, it’s about Aaf Brandt Corstius, almost the same as Jelle, but a little less feminine. Av had a successful podcast with table lady Mark Marie Huegbriggs, but that suddenly broke. gossip Naturally. Now the best digital friend we’ve never met is gossiping. Yvonne Caldewer – that Gijs Groenteman sneered out the door with De Volkskrant’s Jip van den Toorn. Jeb van den Torn, also known as one of the “culture makers” who, along with Mariette Hammer, have to ensure “the continuation of the social debate about transgressive behavior.” Cheating apparently is not one of them. Finally, according to Yvonne, Af did not like at all that Gruntmann offered his carrots to Jeb van den Torn. So she left home and was temporarily allowed to live with her podcast boyfriend Mark Marie. Of course, two dogs completely blundered under each other, and now those two have squabbled, it looks like Groenteman & Van Roosmalen’s Weer een Dag is on a break, too. Guys, what a fight, suspense and intrigue!

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