Jinku and Stefania have already scored half points

The fate of Jeanne Macroe and Stefania in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest has already been decided in half. Professional jurors in Europe and Australia reviewed all the final actions during the second run on Friday evening and awarded all their points. The results will be kept secret until Saturday.

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Jingo took 23rd place, and his new song Birth again gave a solid performance of a new era. The audience at the Rotterdam Ahoy already sang the chorus loudly, followed by a huge round of applause from the singer. Jingku also seemed happy with his performance. Afterwards, he happily thanked the audience.

Stefania of Utrecht finished tenth for Greece. Technically, little went wrong. The green screen mostly did its job. The number of shadows of dancers who should not be in the film was low. Voice, Stefania has not played her best performance to date. Nerves may have played a role in this.

The points of professional juries are halved. Televisions vote during live shows on Saturday. These, too, count as fifty per cent.


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