Job Risema and Pommelian Thieves knock Tysto off the throne in the top 40 | Show

This is an overview of the most important changes from January 16th to 40th. The list includes 2 entrants, 2 retirees, 13 risers and 23 sacks.

25 (34) You are not alone- Grease

Since 2019, Crisp has been clearly serving a second life. The Tilburg Group was founded in 1997 and co-founded I Wold Stay Three weeks 1. On 2009 the band gave their biggest hit, Happy goodbye. Returned in 2019 with Grease You lost without it It turned out to be their fifth to top 10 win. After a relatively quiet year, the group reappeared in the top 40 last week. You are not alone Now one of the three fastest climbers – 9th place in 25th place.

20 (-) Without you- Kid Loroy

Australia has been offering more and more musical surprises recently. Shepherd, Troy Sivan, Guy Sebastian or Tones and what do I think? This week, The Kid Lorry is the next debut Below. The 17-year-old learned the tricks of the trade from rapper Juice World, who toured his home country in 2018 and 2019. Without you Already Australia has taken the top 3 spots and had an alarm disc on Qmusic last week. This week it is in 20th place, which is very new.

7 (13) All We Have – Robin Schulz Record. Guido

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Robin Schulz made a dream debut in our country while remixing Prayer in C In 2014 it was at the top for four weeks. Since then, the German DJ and producer has continued to deliver hits. Sugar, Speechless, In your eyes In Allen All had the top 10 wins in the top 40. The 33-year-old met three weeks ago We got it Entered the top 40 places. That song he created with Gido is now his sixth top 10 hit, rising from 13 to 7.

1 (2) Now we are not talking to anyone – Job Risema & Pommelian Thieves

Nuga and Jason Terrulo are staying Love Not WarTampa Beat Are at number 3. In 2 we see the existing dystow Business Seven weeks after the 1st there was not a very popular hit in our country. Henceforth, that homage goes to Job Risema and Pommelian Thieves. Now we stop talking I waited four weeks for number 2 and now the new number is 1.

You can hear the most important improvements around the top 40 after six in the first 40 updates each working day and there is a new listing on Qmusic from 2pm on Friday.

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