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Once a seasonAlthough Jobert Sturm (45) from Middelburg has enjoyed living in Randstad for more than twenty years, Zeeland continues to attract. He misses the horizons and the space around him. But back? “This is a utopia.”

You live in Krimpen aan den IJssel. how do we get there?

, after my higher vocational education at Hogeschool Zeeland, I moved to Rotterdam to get my master’s degree in health sciences. With my then girlfriend from Veere, who is now my wife. When I had our daughter, we decided to live somewhere quieter. We immediately went to Krimpen to look, because my brother’s wife already lives there.

What brought you to the Rotterdam area?

,, After our studies we were offered a job at Icazia Hospital in South Rotterdam and we found it to be a very interesting environment to work in. All cultures meet there. I also did an internship at ADRZ and it was much lower there. Zeeland is mostly white and this multicultural society appeals to me the most.”

You are now working at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

“That’s right, I’m a teacher on the course for the nurse specialist – this is a position between doctors and nurses. In addition, as a clinical epidemiologist, I’m conducting research at the Knowledge Center for Healthcare Innovation, and I’m writing a proposal for doctoral research.”

There are a lot of interesting challenges.

Hell yeah. But also apart from that: At a certain point, you built a network. We are members of a church here, and I have a football club. This provides us with a lot of pleasant connections, we have good people around us. You can’t let that go.”

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Do you miss Zeeland?

“I really miss the space. When I pass this big turn near Bergen op Zoom on my way to Middelburg it becomes quiet and I enjoy the vastness. I think it’s very beautiful. In Krimpen we live on the border of town and country: only fifteen minutes by bike from our house to The center of Rotterdam and in five minutes we’re in Boulder. So here I also have plains around me, but this is different, because you always see those tall buildings from far away.”

What memories do you have of your childhood in Middelburg?

“I only have good memories of it. I had a very nice group of friends with whom we always did very nice things. After work, go to the beach, have a barbecue together or go out in the summer in Domburg. We often went to Tramzicht and when I closed the tent There at 2 p.m. we stayed on the beach for hours. Sometimes we slept there. I always had a feeling: I live in Zeeland, so I don’t necessarily have to go on holiday. My parents didn’t do that often, but I never felt like I missed it either Summer was also great close to home.”


I’m no Kriminar, South Hollander or Rotterdam, but I still feel like a real Zeelander

Jubert Sturm (45) from Middelburg

Do you often return to Zeeland?

“I travel to Zeeland about every month. My parents still live in Middelburg and I have friends in Vlissingen, Capel and Goose. Sometimes I drive up and down for a birthday one evening, but sometimes I stay a little longer. Especially in the summer. Then I usually stay with my son-in-law It’s in Gravenpolder. It has a nice garden and I love being there.”

What’s the first thing you do when you get back?

“Walking on the beach. I especially like the stretch between Dishoek and Zotlande, with those high sand dunes. I always walk there. Or go to Zeedijk in Westkapelle. Then I stand with the sun on my face, listening to the sound of the sea and the cries of seagulls. I love that. Besides the beach, I also like to go to Middelburg itself. I often tour the city on my own and then go down all the streets as it was very convenient. I think it’s and always will be a great city.”

Do you still feel like a real Zeeuw after so many years?

Once in Zeeuw, Zeeuw always definitely applies to me. I’m no Krimpenaar, South Hollander or Rotterdammer, but I really do consider Zeeuw. How do you notice it? I think of my monitor. My colleagues always say that I don’t go crazy easily. I don’t factor things in, but take a look first: is it really a problem? I don’t put salt on every snail and I don’t have to discuss everything endlessly. I think that’s typical of Zeeland.”

Do you want to live in Zeeland again?

“I am sometimes in doubt, yes. Zeeland continues to attract her twenty years later. My wife has a bit of it, she likes the city more and I don’t think she wants to go back. But if we were to sell our property in Krimpen, I would trade our terraced house with a postage stamp-sized garden for a detached house.” In Zeeland has a little more land. Peace and space around me. Preferably close to a city like Middelburg or Goes. But I’m afraid it’s a utopia.”

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