Joe Biden’s Afghan savior in hiding from the Taliban abroad

Incumbent President Biden was on a visit to Afghanistan with two other senators, Chuck Hagel and John Kerry. The helicopter they were in was forced to land in a remote area during a snowstorm. Muhammad worked for years with special units of the Americans. He went to the mountains with a small team to rescue the stranded Senators. That mission succeeded.

But thirteen years later, Muhammad failed to complete all the paperwork to enter the United States in time. He struggled for a year with the American bureaucracy to get himself, his wife, and his four children out of the country. When the Americans left Kabul airport on Monday, Mohammed was still not recognized as a refugee or immigrant. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, he turned to Biden and said, “Hey Mr. President, save me and my family, don’t forget me!”

A White House spokeswoman responded, saying he would not be forgotten. “We are grateful for your 20 years of struggle at our side, and we will honor your services and get you out of it.”

Biden’s spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said at a news conference last week that she is available to abandoned Americans in need and can message her after the administration promised “to leave no one behind.” However, according to Washington, hundreds of citizens are now left behind.

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