Joe Biden’s response: Britain angry over US leader London’s insult to EU – “England has no friend!” Politics

Commenting on this site, one commenter said: “The United States and the European Union are not our friends. It is only the Commonwealth. ”

Another commented: “Biden is not a friend of England. He doesn’t like us, it’s so easy. Let him continue his position. ”

“He seems to like playing back and forth between the EU and the UK to create trouble … a stunt that has been attracting attention since he became president,” he added.

“First, it is an agreement with the European Union, then the United Kingdom, then the European Union.

“He loves games with strength, intelligence and more focus.

‘He will only have power if we agree to play. I think his anomalies are boring.

“England is a hard-working, prosperous country and we do not need the United States to implement it.”

One-third said, “Well, we don’t need a speaker!”

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“Don’t call us if you’re in a big dispute.”

Mr Gardner said the Netherlands would play a key role in severing ties with the EU in late 2020 after Britain’s exit from the EU.

He told the European Reform Center: “The role of the Netherlands has never been more important, especially since the United Kingdom has now left the EU.

“I would say that climate change across the Atlantic is more important than ever to promote key priorities such as trade and the digital economy, WTO reform, human rights promotion and engagement with China.

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“On the day we were members of the UK, our life in the US was easier because the UK was somewhat of a blaster within the EU.

“Now that they are out, the Netherlands will play a very important role.”

This is because the EU initially said it had a positive relationship with the Biden government on trade.

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