Johan Felix buys a house in Limburg: “But my heart is in Brabant”

After homes in Eindhoven, Linde and Landhurst, Johan Vlemmix also owns a home in Hoensbroek in Limburg. Because in addition to Brabant, the 62-year-old royal family fan also has a nice setting for Lamborg. Not that he will live there full time: “My heart is in Brabant”.

The house in Hoensbroek is a large corner house from 1909. Vlemmix will renovate everything there and do it all alone. “Due to the arrival of the Coronavirus, you can do very small work, which is why I left my hand flapping,” he says. “I make three bathrooms, lay all the floors and fix the entire garden. I’ve always done this kind of thing in the past. My profession is nuclear security and I have designed and built full nuclear bunkers. So DIY is really my favorite thing.”

Vlemmix also lived in Weert for a year before that. “In Limburg I feel this real vacation feeling because of the beautiful mountain landscape. That is why I wanted to take the opportunity to buy a house there and renovate it again.”

Because sitting still is not for Vlemmix. He moves back and forth with passion between his four houses. “I drive an average of 100,000 kilometers a year by car. And I even have a mobile home. If I feel like something different then I grab my cart and go to Friesland for a few days or something like that.

In Landhorst, Vlemmix lives in an old church. It is also still completely restored. “For example, I do some work everywhere every week. It’s just difficult for people who want to make a spontaneous visit to me, because you never know where I am.”

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The fact that Felix lives in several places does not mean that Brabant is no longer in love with him. “I can’t completely get out of here.”

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