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AD Media podcastThe Standing Media Committee Explains SBS 6’s New Saturday Night Show, nix factoron the cutting table. This program is looking for non-talented in the field of singing. To have a big hit with that very bad singer or singer. The committee is not enthusiastic about the offer, the presenter and the idea itself, although moderator Manuel Winderbos tries to put up some resistance. Angela de Jong is clear: “John de Mol has to stop at all these talent shows!”

In addition to the talent show, the most popular TV columnist in the Netherlands is Nick and Simon Moe. The viewer seems to think so too, because the new program beach guests He got poor results at NPO 3. Media journalist Mark den Blanken had already looked forward to the second episode and didn’t quite agree. And everyone is advised to watch next Wednesday, especially because of the private conversation between Steve Boss and Typhoon.

In addition to radar In terms of radar ratings, err Connection Viewer Call and RTL present the talk show on Saturdays. Policemen Maastricht After 89 seasons (maybe a little less) Still going strong, especially with good player Tygo Gernandt as the villain. There’s Cake and There’s Climbers Angela’s Showcase Three Heavy But Beautiful Documentaries.

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