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Shortly after Max Verstappen’s first win, three artists appeared, aka de Pitstop Boys, which is an online record. To the tunes of the classic après-ski “Johnny Dapp”, the following words were uttered:

Max, max, max, super max, max, super, super, max, max, max, super max, max. “

from Video clip belongs to this music scene Viewed – wait – three and a half million times. Thousands of people have already gone crazy in various circles, just at the sounds of this picture. I don’t need to tell you that this is stupidity of the first order, you’ve been keeping that in mind for a long time.

dj face

In defense of these demeaning sights of the drum, you could argue that people have artistic freedom and that we, the Dutch, are chauvinistic when it comes to successful athletes – and I agree with you on both counts. Moreover, I have often touched on the loss of intelligence as a result of the alien worship of citizens in this section. I am convinced today that there is also something positive about it.

The show just described partially made a return to our country, the end result of the folk festival in Zandvoort. The degree of artistic and cultural expression is a good indicator of a particular people’s athletic experience. Sports promotion goes hand in hand with seat sales. In the Netherlands, Formula 1 currently lives in such a way that Zandvoort with a capacity of five hundred thousand places also sells.

Also in the UK and Italy, motorsport is considered sacred and therefore always profitable. Spain experienced a sensation in Formula 1 and the corresponding hero cult as Fernando Alonso won world titles. And what about Germany in the nineties or the twenty-first century? Hordes of red berets jumped up and down the sold-out stands at Hockenheimring. Gourmets will immediately recognize the name DJ Visage.

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milk it

Let’s move on to the order of the day. This weekend there will be races in the park of Istanbul in Turkey. Qatar took the vacant place from Australia, which was devastated by mismanagement, since there was no pandemic in the Middle East. Thus, the 2021 F1 season will conclude with three races in the Gulf region. This bothers me.

It has nothing to do with the subversive position on human rights. I’m so tired of it. If you point a finger at another, you point a three to yourself. Covering up one’s own flaws by recounting the crimes of others is very childish and simple. Above all, in areas such as social cohesion and loyalty, Western Europeans can learn so much from the Arab culture that they mock.

No, I am disappointed with the Formula 1 calendar as a whole. No matter how many ear infections caused by the “Super Max” noise, the public participates in the sport. As in the United Kingdom and Italy, as in Spain and Germany in the past. Just like in Mexico, the GP produces a real folk festival. I don’t see it in Turkey. or in Abu Dhabi. I don’t expect that in Qatar. or Saudi Arabia.

rainbow logos

Earlier this year, it was held in Bahrain and Baku, last week in Russia. Does this have anything to do with the motorsport experience? No, of course not. One of the editors of this site talked about sportswear in an article last week.

The FIA, and with it many global institutions, has been courting “sustainable solutions” for years. They are found in meaningless rainbow emblems. The only sustainable solution is to disrupt the current F1 calendar, to bring the sport back to the masses. Head back to racing on the tracks where fans will be waiting in their sleeping bags at the gates Thursday morning. Return to Kyalami. Racing in Scandinavia. Argentina. To Japan twice. New Zealand.

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It is not normal to sell your bottom to the highest bidder. Oil money doesn’t pay off in the long run, and a loyal fan base is more than that. Following the recently introduced Vetteltest, I present a new element to bring motorsports back to normal: Johnny Däpptest – © René Oudman. If a country has ambitions to organize a grand prix, it is investigated whether residents dedicate musical recordings or other artistic expressions to racing drivers. If this turns out to be the case, the country may move on to the next screening round.

The time to do what’s normal again, collectively, is fast approaching. The regular Formula 1 calendar fits perfectly into the futuristic view of the world.

Renee Udman

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