Johnny Depp: ‘No one is safe in the current culture of cancellation’ | to watch

Johnny Depp says he is a victim of the current cancel culture and states that “no one is safe from it”. Therefore, the actor wants people to stand up for others who have to deal with injustice, like him.

Because of Certified attack From his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny had to play his part in the third Fantastic monstersFilm produced by Warner Bros. The actor then felt interrupted by Hollywood and spoke about him publicly several times, including at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Today, Johnny said, “It’s so out of control now that I can assure you no one is safe.” final date At the festival, before receiving an honorary award there. “No one, no one is safe. It only takes one sentence to make all the earth disappear from under your feet.”

According to the actor, this happens not only to him, but also to many others. This happens to women and men. Unfortunately, at some point, people begin to believe that it is normal to exclude others. Or they are excluded. But that is not true.”

from Pirates of the CaribbeanThe actor believes that people should defend themselves if they feel they are being wronged. Whether it is an injustice to yourself, someone you love, or someone you believe in. Defend them, don’t sit still. People need you.”

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