Johnson announces additional support due to high energy prices

Photo: ANP

British households are receiving subsidies from the government due to higher energy prices. This was announced by outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a guest article in the Mail on Sunday. “Next month, whoever takes office, we will announce another massive financial support package,” Johnson wrote, blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for inflation.

Johnson also points out that in the coming months the money will already go to the poorest Britons, pensioners and the disabled, but also to all families who have to pay the energy bill. “We have to help people during the crisis. Huge amounts of taxpayer money have already been allocated to help people pay their bills. This money is on the way and more will come in the coming months.”

Britain’s energy regulator announced on Friday that energy prices will rise by up to 80 percent in October. The head of that body has already called on the government to take action.

Johnson will pass the baton of the UK Prime Minister to Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak on September 6. The two are currently vying for the leadership of the Conservative Party, with Truss having the best credentials according to pollsters.

According to another British newspaper, The Telegraph, it will consider reducing the value-added tax from 21 per cent to 15 per cent. According to The Telegraph, that would save the average British family more than £1,300 a year. It was converted into more than 1500 euros. The move could also push inflation down by as much as 2 percentage points. However, this measure would save the government about £38 billion in tax revenue annually.

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