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Britain has been a member of the European Union from early 1973 until early 2020. But according to the British media, Johnson thinks that is the best idea for British identity.

“It is an important step towards re-enforcing our own national rules,” he called. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

Currently, the metric system is legally required in trade, so the quantities of an object are expressed, for example in grams or kilograms or milliliters or liters. In the old British ‘Imperial Standard System’, the United States still used to measure and weigh, mainly based on the length of the yard (91.4 cm), the mass of the pound (0.453) kg. ) And volume ‘gallon’ (3.785 liters).

‘Pounds and Ounces’

‘In a stone’ there are fourteen pounds and the pounds are divided into sixteen ounces. This system contains the liquid ounce for liquid products, the ‘liquid ounce’ (2.84 cl.). Of that, twenty pounds and 160 gallons go. Johnson did not want to abolish the metric system, but to create a legal framework that would legalize the use of traditional units of measurement again.

He said nothing about the unit of currency, the pound sterling. It has been divided into 100 pence since 1971. But before that it was 240 paise. The pound sterling was divided into twenty ‘shillings’, and there were twelve pence in each shill.

This week, the country is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II. For example, there are more than 16,000 street parties on the banquet table, according to SkyNews.

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