Joking van Gaal has more questions about Belgium than America: ‘Energetic team’

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Van Gaal jokes about Belgium’s national training: ‘Already thought about it’

Will Louis van Gaal become Belgium’s new national coach? That question kept the international media busy during the press conference ahead of the Orange’s match against the United States on Saturday in the eighth final of the World Cup.

“Belgium is a beautiful country, I’ve already thought about it,” Van Gaal puts the media on edge. After the press conference, he says his quotes about Belgium were a joke.

Van Gaal, now 71, looked set to retire for a few years until last year when he took Orange under his wing for a third term. With the World Championship as the ultimate goal, he is burning with ambition again.

‘Team USA’ is no longer small

“Four games to go and then we’ll see if there’s an offer,” Van Gaal returned. “Team USA,” as he calls it, awaits in the Round of 16. And in football that’s no small thing.

“This is a very active team, with physically strong players who are difficult for any opponent,” said van Gaal. “You can see it in the results they’ve achieved.”

Nevertheless, it soon comes about Belgium, where national coach Roberto Martinez left immediately after the last game after a disappointing exit in the group stage.

A little excitement

Van Gaal still believes in the so-called golden generation of Belgians, which is now coming of age. As much as he continues to believe in the strength of the Dutch national team, there is still little excitement in the country about the game on display.

“I’m the only one in the Netherlands who sees it,” Van Gaal joked when the subject came up again. Next to him is Daley Blind, most likely at left back for the Orange on Saturday. Blind nods.

According to questions from the international press, the rest of the world looks at his work style with more respect. But Van Gaal doesn’t look hot from a faraway adventure. “Africa? I don’t think so, but you have to keep everything open.”

Although he doesn’t want to say too much about the upcoming match at the World Cup, Van Gaal wants to be on top of it during the press moment.

“We have to focus,” Van Gaal insists. “When I start talking about other countries, the players don’t believe me. It’s already very difficult to convince them.”

Play with media

But this is not the first time he has played with the media. In between he jokes again and even makes time for a photo. The line between serious air foot and human is paper thin with a grain of salt.

“I’m trying to make it clear to people at home that this is something Blue hyaline It is.”

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