Jordan Bardella succeeds Le Pen as France’s new radical right-wing foreman

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  • Frank Renaut

    France correspondent

  • Frank Renaut

    France correspondent

For the first time in 50 years, France’s main radical right party has a president who isn’t called Le Pen. Members of the National Rally, formerly the National Front, elected MEP Jordan Bardella as their new leader. He got 84 percent of the vote.

Bardella succeeds Marine Le Pen, who has held the party leadership since 2011. Her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, held this position for nearly 40 years.

Bardella is relatively young – 27 – and has had a brisk career in the gig over the past 10 years. He joined as a teenager. In 2017, he became a spokesperson, in 2018 he moved to lead the youth department and in 2019 he participated in the European elections.

Closer / Silent

He owed all these jobs to Marine Le Pen. She always appointed him or appointed him to a position. Therefore, Bardella is seen as a confidant of Le Pen and, according to some, even a puppet. As party chief, he would basically do what you say.

Bardella herself has already declared her desire to continue Le Pen’s policy. So a change of party leadership is expected to result in few tangible changes.

Presidential Election 2027

The new party chief offered Marine Le Pen the opportunity to focus fully on her work in Parliament. She leads a historically large faction of her party, with 89 seats, and can influence politics.

“She will put herself in the spotlight through her work in Parliament and as a serious politician she will intervene in discussions with the government,” political expert Bruno Cotres told NOS earlier. “Everything will be a reliable alternative in the next presidential election.”


Bardella was given the task of leading the party and keeping the various currents together. He has already proven that he can do this: he was already the deputy head of the party last year. He also praised his good performance in the media.

Legally, it is not a blank slate. The judge opened an investigation into him because he described the suburb of Trappes, west of Paris, as a “miniature Islamic republic.” Bardella believed that the mayor of Trapp, a Frenchman of Moroccan descent, had not moved enough against extremism.

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