Journalist Marine de Vries has had to deal with misbehavior at NOS Sport for years: ‘It drained me from the inside’ | internal

Journalist and former professional cyclist Maren de Vries (44) has had to deal with infringing behavior at NOS Sport. De Vries writes where on Friday column to Norwegian Refugee Council She felt helpless for years, even after speaking to the editor-in-chief. “It hurt my career, but mostly me as a person. It was eating me up from the inside.”

It started years ago when De Vries was let go on a report for evening stage. She confronted her colleague about the foul language he used and reported it to an editor. A year later, I again noticed a “strange atmosphere”. No one will stand next to you. Imagine that you are a cute TV analyst in this atmosphere. With dirty chatter opposite you at the table. Can you imagine what that is like?

If after that he’s not welcome anymore, and she brings it up with her editor-in-chief, there’s nothing to do about it. “Imagine how this eats at you. How you begin to doubt yourself. How helpless you feel. How not to deal with that. Six years ago, women with stories like this would rarely have been taken seriously. You imagine everything. You’re crazy.” “You’re just not good enough. You’re wronged. You’re a bitch. It’s up to you. In the meantime, I’ve become one of the regular cycling analysts on Belgian TV. So you can’t be not good enough.”

Honestly without names

After it became known on Thursday that A.I Additional follow-up research Coming to dozens of reports of abusive behavior by NOS sports editors, De Vries decided to get into the pen. In this she is frank, without naming names. Imagine that now there is suddenly a stock, which shows that you are not crazy. And not the only one. That everything you suspected was absolutely true. How would you feel? I know how I feel. What happened there affected me to the core. It hurt my career, but mostly me as a person. He was eating me dry from the inside. Imagine that you wouldn’t be able to tell anything about it. Because without the evidence that is there now, you wouldn’t be believed anyway.

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NOS did not name the people about whom complaints were received on Thursday. There he is, host Jack Van Gelder told HLF8 Thursday Two notifications around it. NOS could not be reached for comment on Friday. The Minister of State for Justice and Security, Eric van der Burgh, described de Vries’ Twitter column as “extremely intense”. “It cries out for action, but above all we have to stand in front of, behind, and beside Marin and others.”

De Vries was sports program editor until 2010 Dutch sport. She has columned since 2013 devotionas the successor to Mart Smeets, and has been a bike analyst for NOS, including on the TV show evening stage. I wrote the book with Ninki DeYoung Women and Bicycles, a handbook for the cycling woman. Last year, the columnist turned to Norwegian Refugee Councilwhere she also writes stories with a journalistic background.

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