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GRALANDIZK – At the invitation of tourism company Bonaire (TCP), a team of 7 American newspaper members visited Bonair from the South Florida Luxury Guide, the New York Post, Upscale Magazine, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Tripsovi and many more. A mix of national and regional journalists from major markets traveled to Bonaire to cover various travel reports, including adventure and luxury experiences.

During their stay on the island, the group stayed overnight at the Harbor Village Beach Club, doing various activities such as wing foying, wind surfing, land boating and island touring. One of the press members was a certified diver and was able to make a day dive through Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and AB Dive.

In July and early August, TCP welcomed, PhotoSports, Cosmopolitan Magazine and the Miami Times and three freelance journalists from One Photographer. Journalists visited Bonaire to write about their experiences on the island for various publications, including the aforementioned media. The photographer was assigned to capture various images of the bona fide, from the luxurious shelters to the various activities that could be done on the island. TCB will use these images for future advertising purposes.

Traveled for the TV show “Kilimanjaro” Filming scenes for an episode of the show with a TV director / producer and ABC Islands assistant. The episode will air on the RAI Channel between October 2021 and April 2022. The TV show “Kilimanjaro” is viewed more than a million times a month and airs on Sundays. They spent the night at the resort pony and dived through the diving school dive friends pony. They also had the opportunity to perform various activities on the island.

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From various press visits in July and August, TCB estimates that it has more than 10 million unique viewers. “We are very pleased to collaborate with various press and media groups to help build greater international brand awareness and position ourselves in global markets.

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