Judith van Thuel: “The Dutch Champion in Traditional Biography”

“a bit outdated”

“For me this was TWE’s fourth match. With Wonderboy I usually start to tame in ZZ-Zwaar. He got injured during the clinic. Because of this, he stood still for a long time. To slowly rebuild again, I played with him a bit and so I connected with TWE. Wonderboy Not just a handy horse,” Judith laughs. “Wonderboy is an Appaloosa x Friesian crossing. Not smooth, a bit clumsy and not really a horse with the most impressive dressage move. But it’s actually way too big for TWE. Precisely because of the combination of both systems, it improves both dressage and in TWE.”

Pippi Longstocking House Number

“The nice thing about TWE is the variety. You ride the dressage test. Then you drive the trial. You have to drive over bridges, open and close gates, between barrels etc. It’s actually like working in the country. In between, depending on the class, you have to make Transitions from walking to jogging, simple permutations, or jump-switching. And everything should be as nice and tidy as possible. Then you have the speed. Then you do the same experiment, but as fast as you can. And what about the best? That everything goes to the music”, Van Thuel follows excitedly. “You choose your music. For example, for speed I have a home song for Baby Longstocking.” During the Dutch championship, the fourth part of the cattle was added. “This is where you enter the ring. Behind the BE line, there is a herd of cows. When you enter the ring, a cow will appear to you. Take this from the herd, bring it to the other side of the BE line and leave it there for 15 seconds. At the top of the class, it is run All parts are also one-handed.

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‘Diversity keeps it sober’

“I think my horse, precisely because of TWE training, will become more skilled at taming. We have to learn to trust each other a lot more, but he also learns to trust his own body. By spinning circles quickly around the barrels, he playfully learns to change the can.” During dressage we make a little jump and with the practice of opening the gate I can easily position Wonderboy and he is also learning to let go of his loins easier. All the things we can use for dressage. I am convinced that this will help me improve dressage. And Wonderboy is a happier horse. All That versatility keeps him sober in his head.”

“The coat is ready”

And now? Will it be TWE or dressage in the future? “Both,” Judith replies without thinking. “I hope more and more people get excited about TWE. It is a very beautiful branch of the sport and I wish I had known it years ago. However, my tailcoat is also ready in the closet. TWE will definitely help me reach further than ZZ -Zwaar. Even if Wonderboy doesn’t really fit the image of a dressage. Not in color and not in breed. But as long as we enjoy our work together, we’ll get there.”

Photo: Maid of R pictures

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