Judo Bond Holland – Poelstra Gym started with Zeker Bewegen…

Sportschool Poelstra, in collaboration with BV sport and JBN, has started the ZekerBewegen program in the municipality of Leeuwarden. About 40 enthusiastic participants take part in the fall prevention program.

About SureMove
In 2015, JBN ZekerBewegen developed it in collaboration with Yos Lotens and physiotherapist Danny Meeuwsen. The program consists of six exercise classes tailored to the exercise options and risks of older adults. Participants learn from certified instructors how to prevent falls, how to fall safely, and how to get up quickly. In 2020, the program has been modified to make it more effective. For example, meetings, eating, and an at-home workout program have been added.

Program in the municipality of Leeuwarden
This modified program began at Stiens in May. About 40 people registered to participate in the introductory meetings. Since enthusiasm was high during the meetings, intakes were made immediately and tests were conducted to see where they were in terms of balance, walking speed, and strength.

One participant: “I still move a lot, but I will participate because it seems good to me to know how to fall if I fall and how to get up again. But of course I prefer not to fall naturally at all ”laughs.

The six-week course was held in two locations and four times. Participants can, and are allowed to choose the moment that suits them best. In the last lesson, tests were run again to see if the improvement is visible. This turns out to be the case in almost all cases.

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A number of participants would like to continue together. The Poelstra gym will be setting up this show so people can keep moving with lessons that focus on muscle strengthening and balance exercises, and attention will be paid to falls.

Is there also interest in JBN’s ZekerBewegen program? Please contact Edwin Korenberg, [email protected] or 06-50258960.

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