Jumbo (for now) wins a fight with Albert Heijn for Orangivan | sports fan

Max Verstappen and the picnic

Remember the Max Verstappen parodies from Picnic? Red Bull Racing driver Verstappen (including his management) couldn’t laugh at the parody that delivery service Picnic made on the Jumbo ad. In the Jumbo ad, Verstappen played a grocery delivery guy who delivers groceries to customers in no time. Picnic did a nice parody of it. However, Verstappen jumped into the loophole in Jumbo’s favor. Initially Picnic was sentenced to pay a fine to the Formula One driver. However, on appeal still Picnic win. Verstappen even had to pay his previous compensation of 150,000 euros to the supermarket for the white vans.

The court found in Picnic’s ruling that the video is clearly a parody. Freedom of expression comes before Verstappen’s interest in opposing satirical videos. Keep in mind that I am not a lawyer, but I have years of experience in the sports/sponsor world and I know that capturing associations with color, sound or dance is very difficult and almost impossible. Anyway, the case on Picnic emphasized a lot of interest.

Since certain things are so difficult to score, Orange commercials portray like mushrooms at every major football tournament the Dutch national team participates in. And yes, the numberleft Right’ Fans of the Orange Lionesses perceive Van Snollpoleks as the fan anthem, but also at NAC Breda or wherever else in a ski lodge the music of the smartest person in the Netherlands can be heard more often. In short, cleverly done by Jumbo and as adidas always says (first never followed) were ahead of the rest of the adventurous Netherlands, so that the first blow had already been dealt.

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