JuniorTechLab at De Waard; A place to get elementary school students excited about technology | Bummlervard

ZALTBOMMEL – B-Boo, JuniorTechLab’s mascot, will now stand in front of De Waard in Zaltbommel. The lab aims to introduce primary school students to contemporary technology. There is a growing need for people who understand this.

On Thursday, the laboratory was opened on the site of Cambium College. In the spacious accommodations, the world of technology is envisioned in seven parts, such as people and health, food and nature. The lab is for boys and girls from groups 7 and 8 from all primary schools in the district.

deepening science and technology

Across Cambium College website They can register for half a day or more. In small groups, they have the opportunity to deepen the topic of science and technology, which they often receive already in elementary school. “We believe it is important for young people to communicate developments in this area at an early stage,” explains school leader Jeroen van Rosmalen. “The demand for people with technical knowledge and skills will only increase and this is how we are making our contribution.”

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