Junkie XL on Hollywood: ‘Then something explodes in my head’ | stars

The 53-year-old composer recounts this in a conversation with ANNP. “I feel like a fish in the water,” says Hulkenberg. “I get so creative with all the restrictions the movie studios put on me when I make the music for a movie. I get refreshed when someone sets my limits, and then something explodes in my head.”

The composer determines his options in consultation with the director. “I love making the comparison with a painter. Some filmmakers want you to paint on canvas, others on glass. Next says: You can only use two colors. This really motivates my inspiration.”

Godzilla vs. Kong

Holkenborg has done many action movies in recent years, such as Deadpool, Justice League in Mad Max. Now it’s your turn Godzilla vs. KongIt will be shown in Dutch cinemas from Thursday. “I’m a huge fan of old monster movies, I can read the dialogues of the classics from back to front. Both monsters have a long and rich history in Hollywood as well as in pop culture. I wanted to bring that feeling back to my soundtrack.”

The Dutch musician believes he has gotten better at making film music in recent years. “I now understand better how I should attract an inner feeling in the viewer through my contribution to the film,” he explains. “Music should seep into you, you shouldn’t hear it too consciously. If you get out of the cinema and you can tell me with sounds and colors how the music works, then something is wrong with the movie.”

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