Kaj: The Afghan embassy is temporarily moving to Qatar

The Dutch embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul, is temporarily moving to Qatar. This was stated by the outgoing Foreign Minister Kaag during her visit to that country.

The last Dutch diplomats left Afghanistan last week when the evacuation mission was held up because it had become too unsafe. The ministry has consistently said that the embassy in Kabul will open as soon as the security situation permits. Establishment of a representative of the Taliban movement in Qatar.

Women’s rights

Kaag is visiting the Gulf country to discuss when and how evacuations from Afghanistan might resume. There are still hundreds of Dutch and others in Afghanistan who want to leave for Holland.

In a press conference with her Qatari counterpart, Kaag stressed the importance of an “inclusive political process” in Afghanistan. Human rights, especially women’s rights, must also be respected.

The minister stressed that these conditions are important for the resumption of humanitarian aid. “And words are not enough, we really want to see it.”

Pakistan, Turkey and Slovenia

Kaag also said that stability in Afghanistan is important for countries in the region and for Europe, especially to prevent the influx of refugees.

Later today you will fly to Pakistan and tomorrow to Turkey. After her visit to the region, Kaag will travel to Slovenia to meet with her colleagues in the European Union. This meeting is also mainly about Afghanistan.

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