Kanye West’s new album hits #1 on Apple Music

The much-anticipated new album “Donda” by Kanye West (44), which was released on Sunday, was immediately noted as the highest-grossing entry in Apple Music. “Donda” reached No. 1 in 152 countries in 24 hours. Also on Spotify, it was the most streamed album so far in 2021. In addition, the record, named after Kanye’s late mother, was broadcast 60 million times in the United States. This “Variety” reports.

The singer had three hearings before the release of his new album: two in Atlanta and one in Chicago. During that last session, he brought controversial singer Marilyn Manson and Dababy on stage, something not all of his fans appreciated. Manson is under fire for several charges of sexual assault on him, and DaBaby recently criticized anti-gay lyrics at one of his concerts.

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Ye, as the singer nowadays wants to be contacted, announced on Sunday that the record had been released by record label Universal without his permission. Universal also allegedly kept the song ‘Jail pt 2’ with DaBaby off the record without his knowledge. The record company contradicts this, calling Yi’s words “ridiculous.”

Donda It is West’s tenth studio album and follow-up Bible record Jesus is the king from 2019.

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