Kate hugs the girl who cries when she sees the princess and the audience melts | Coronation of King Charles

with videoBritain’s Princess Kate provided a heart-warming moment when she paid a surprise visit to Windsor with Prince William on Sunday afternoon. A little girl along the way was so excited to meet the princess that she cried. Kate knew about it.

The couple showed up unannounced near Windsor Castle, where the coronation party will take place later in the day. According to local media, the prince and princess were “stormed”, and this choice of words is no exaggeration: hundreds of people gathered around William and Kate to shake hands, talk to them and take their pictures. Although the situation made the security guards nervous, everything went smoothly.

A girl along the way was so excited to meet the world-famous princess and cried a little when Kate knelt in front of her. Do you like hugs? ” said Kate daily Mail He said. The girl nodded, and then the princess grabbed her tightly. The crowd around them let out a loud “ah” of endearment. By the way, the hug did not help, because the girl just had to cry even louder:

Charles on Botox

Prince William will address the big concert in honor of King Charles and Queen Camilla at Windsor Castle on Sunday night. Artists like Katy Parry, Lionel Richie and Take That perform in front of twenty thousand people on site and tens of millions of TV viewers. The show can be watched on BBC One from 9pm NST.

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Katie and Lionel also attended the coronation ceremony in London on Saturday. Perry took to the internet because she couldn’t find her seat at Westminster Abbey, and Richie made headlines for opening up about his friendship with King Charles. The king would be jealous of the singer’s soft face, who is only a year younger than him.

Prince Harry was not present on Sunday. He reportedly returned to America an hour after the coronation to be with his wife Megan, daughter Lilibet and birthday son Archie (4).

Check out the photos from William and Kate’s surprise visit to Windsor:

Princess Kate took her time for the audience in Windsor. © Reuters

Kate took pictures with several people.
Kate took pictures with several people. © via Reuters

Prince William spoke to the children.
Prince William spoke to the children. © via Reuters


© Reuters

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