Kate Oldenbuffing (16) holds the Olympic flag: who is she exactly?

Athlete Shurandi Martina, 36, and skier Kate Oldenbuffing, 16, will carry the Dutch flag during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo on Friday, July 23. They are the oldest and youngest of the group.

Chef Peter van den Hoogenband has revealed the two names for the beautiful assignment as the team moves to Amsterdam. Martina the Good starts his fifth Olympiad, while teenager Oldenbuffing takes part for the first time. Skateboarding is a new official sport during the Olympics anyway.

Kate Oldenbeuving an amazing name

For the first time, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allows each country to have the flag carried by two athletes at the opening ceremony. The IOC wants to promote gender equality with this. The forever-smiling Churandy Martina – who was voted the most positive celebrity five years ago – naturally knows every sports fan. But who exactly is the energetic Kate Oldenbuffing? Many will never see it in action. But after her Olympic debut, we can’t say that anymore.

Sprinter Shurandi Martina. Photo: ANP / Olaf Kraak

“Very happy” Peter van den Hoogenband has put Martina and Oldenboving in the fore as the icons of the Dutch national team. „They will soon be faces Team It shows the rest of the world what we stand for. routine and non-veteran Together as an inspiration to our team and the Netherlands.”

A great honor for our great national smile

“I’m really proud,” sprinter Martina replied, of course with a Big smile. “I really think it is a great honor to be at my fifth and last ever Olympics. It will be a different party than usual and I hope some athletes will follow me. But I am sure it will be fun. I will raise the flag high.” Martina participated in the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008 for the Netherlands Antilles, in 2012 and 2016 for the Netherlands. He reached four finals, but never won a medal. Yet he said countless times: “I’m happy.”

Kate Oldenbuffing is totally amazed

Kate Oldenbuffing was recently quite surprised by the news of her admiration in Tokyo with the Olympic flag. “I was studying for an exam,” says the skater. “I hardly knew what was happening to me. But I knew it was very special. I saw it again when I told my parents. This is really very special.”

The word “star” behind the skateboard is very appropriate for Keet Oldenbeuving. She may only be 16, but at 14 the blonde Utrecht girl was already the European champion. She got gold in 2019 for her part Street.

She was born when Martina was already in the Olympics

Kate Oldenbuffing was born on September 1, 2004. Her fellow flag Churandy Martina had already completed his first Olympic Games. Seven years later, Kate stood on a skateboard for the first time. Five years later, when she was 12 years old, she “ride” on the World Cup circuit. She surprised her boyfriend and promised her two beautiful victories in 2018, in Prague and Paris. The title of best talent is skate kit She is in high school.

It is not yet known how many Dutch athletes will stand behind “Our Flag Bearers” at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium on July 23. Peter van den Hoogenband relies on a large group. “It may not be the athletes who have to take part in the work after a day. But many athletes have already indicated their desire to do so.”

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Kate Oldenbuffing (16) holds the Olympic flag: who is she exactly?

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