Katja Snoeijs reacts to Leeuwinnen Nico Dijkshoorn’s column irritation

Orange forward Katja Snwig responded to Nico Dickshorn’s column at international football In which he wrote that the Netherlands’ World Cup opener – just like some exhibition games for ducks – would have been better played behind closed doors. Snoeijs responds to the columnist and talks to him The telegraph Including watching numbers.

Dijkshoorn’s satirical pieces in the weekly don’t always go down well with everyone, including Snoeijs. In the column that appeared on Monday’s website VI It appeared, he wrote, among other things: “I saw Holland’s first game against Portugal and it would have been good if it had also been played in secret. Not to peek at it”.

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Snoeijs sees a pattern in the constant criticism of the level of women’s football playing: “The strange thing is that people who have nothing to do with women’s football still want to say something about it. But does that have to be done every time the sport is broadcast? It’s usually Dutch,” says the Everton player. With his pole in her eyes, Dijkshoorn does nothing but try to get attention: “In the end, it doesn’t matter much what it’s about, as long as he can say something controversial. The fact that we as Orange players don’t matter to him at all.”

Watch the numbers
According to Snoeijs, the fact that people in the Netherlands are already waiting for the performance of the Orange Lionesses is evident from the viewers who tuned in on Sunday morning’s 1-0 win over the Portuguese. “You hear a lot about the major women’s tournaments that no one will be watching, but the numbers prove otherwise. I think a million and a half watched our game on Sunday.” In the evenings from Wednesday to Thursday, Orange will play the second game of the group, but given the time (3:00 am) it seems that the number of viewers is much lower.

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base location
Snoeijs could be preparing for her starting debut in the final tournament against the reigning world champions, the United States. Three minutes before the end of the match against the Portuguese, she replaced the injured Lenneth Berenstein. National team coach Anders Junker confirmed on Tuesday that the chance of Berenstein’s participation against the United States is nil.

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