Kay Smits shoots Orange to beat Poland | 1 Limburg

With his 10th goal, Smits decided the match in favor of the Netherlands.

Luke Staines
In addition to Jilin Smits, Luke Staines also played a leading role in Orange’s fourth European Championship qualifying match. Especially in the second half, Staines set the lines for the Dutch handball team. The Paris Saint-Germain player scored 7 goals in the Wroclaw match.

The second in the group
Because of this victory, the Netherlands finished second in the group. Like the Slovenian, the Netherlands has five points. However, the Slovenes played one game less to score that number.

Seven Limburgers to choose
In addition to Kay Smits and Luke Staines, Limburgers Everett Kuijman, Evo Staines, Jorn Smits, Alec Smit and Marc Van den Bocken have also played for Orange.

European Championship qualifiers at your fingertips
The last two qualifying matches will be followed at the end of April and early May. First, Orange is playing against Turkey. The last match in the group was at home against Poland. With victory over Turkey, qualification for the European Championship is already certain.

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