Keersop would meander again between Westerhoven and Dommelen; 25 hectares of new nature | Bergic

Westerhoven – Space will be given for the river de Kersop between Westerhoven and Dommelen to bypass its banks when necessary. This is good for plants and animals. So the contractor has been busy excavating the upper layer around the elevated N69.

In this area the Kirsopp River is given room to flood the land at high tide. This keeps the water still longer. This helps prevent desiccation and can also create flowery lawns.

Room for European white elm and black ash

This is expected to eventually lead to an additional 25 hectares of nature reserve. To help nature, hedges and woodlands are planted with, among other things, white elm and black ash. Other plants have also been given a place.

The plants, in turn, attract insects, birds, and small mammals so they find a home there too. A footbridge will also be built over Keersop, so that hikers can also access the new nature.

Van den Boomen began digging the winding Keersop on behalf of the Water Board. This should take over the function of the straight stream between Sint-Valentinuskapel and the N69 between Dommelen and Westerhoven in the fall.

water for a longer period of time in the region

With the creation of the regenerating sinkhole, the water board is trying to keep the water in the area for longer, so that part of the water can sink into the soil. The goal: to prevent De Keersopperbeemden from drying out.

The excavated soil will be removed from the area by the contractor at the end of March. When the “renewed” Keersop is connected in the fall, the old straight stream will be filled. The total costs of the stream restoration project are 600,000 euros.

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