Kees Brans gets the lead role in a new series of Klem makers | Turns out

Actor Kees Prins will play the lead role in the new BNNVara series lip. There are other lead roles for Jacob Derwig, Sanne Samina Hanssen, Werner Kolf, and Sytske van der Ster. The announcer announced this today.

lip He talks about the foreign minister (the prince) who is appointed upon the unexpected death of his predecessor. But when all manner of political corpses appears and one crisis after another, he finds it very difficult to gain the trust of his crew.

lip It is the new series of Frank Keiteler, the man behind the series like Fornication at Hug. Kees Prins previously appeared in Fornication; Previously, Jacob Dyrogy played a leading role Hug. Recordings lip It will start on February 8th. The series will be shown on NPO 1 later this year.

Listen to Bingewatchers, our podcast on the series:

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