Kevin Torrent goes full-on with the United States for the 4th consecutive Olympic gold | Olympic

The United States has announced the list for the Olympic Basketball Championships to be held in Tokyo. Twice gold medalist Kevin Durant leads the team for the 4th time, continuing to the 4th Olympic title.

The American list is a mix of incumbents and veterans. Gold medalists Kevin Durant, Diamond Green and Kevin Love bring experience to the team.

Durant and Green were part of the gold medalists at the 2016 Rio Games. Torrent and Love were also in London, where Americans also took gold.

In his list, the Brooklyn Nets star became the 4th male American basketball player to represent his country in the Games 3 times.

There are not a few notable individuals among the Americans. The top scorers this season are Stephen Curry, LeBron James and James Horton missing. Still, America is back to the title.

USA Selection: Pam Adebayo (Miami Heat), Bradley Peel (Washington Wizards), Devin Booker (Phoenix Sons), Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets), Jeremy Grant (Detroit Pistons), Tremond Green (Golden State Warriors), Jurley Hall Zach Lawin (Chicago Bulls), Damien Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers), Chris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks) and Jason Todd (Boston Celtics).

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