Kidnapped American draws attention to police with intentional traffic violation

Martin County Police Department, Florida Share the scary story on Facebook† The kidnapped victim is a dog breeder in Florida. Online, he was bragging about how much money he made from it.

robbed by force

He was then visited at the house by three men who said they were interested in buying a dog. Once inside, they violently robbed him and held him captive. “They forced him to hand over the money he was bragging about.”

The man was held for approximately two days. It ended well because he took charge. His attackers forced him to drive to a new hideout when he saw a police car.

Then the man decided to commit a traffic violation and control traffic. He was, hopefully, fired. But unfortunately, the officers just wanted to warn him.

sad face

The police wrote: “Then he made his face sad. He could not say he was kidnapped, because the kidnappers were behind him.” With a gesture of his hand, he was still trying to get the officers’ attention.

It worked: the officers let him out. He can tell his story at a safe distance from the attackers. The men who held him (22, 22, 25 years old) were arrested. Money and weapons were found in the car.

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