Kieran Deuce New ‘High Performance Coach / Coach Canosprint’

What was your previous job?

“I was the senior head coach at the Royal Canoe Club in London. Prior to that I was the Performance Coach of the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland.

Why do you need this job?

“This is a wonderful opportunity! I am part of a group that is on its way up. I will work with Nicole Bulk and other coaches to train athletes focused on the Olympics. I will support the athletes as much as I can. In addition, we train in a wonderful place called Willem-Alexander Bonn. The facilities there are so awesome. We also have support from great partners like Rotterdam Topsport, Sportbedrijf Rotterdam and Allianz. So the basics are better, a better starting point for me. ⁇

What do you want to achieve?

“My career goal: to be a coach for some of the best canoeists at the Olympic level. I want my athletes to perform better. Not only in winning a medal, but in life as well.”

You help the canoe sprinters win first place in the Olympics. How do you handle it?

“The other coaches have already done a great job with the Dutch athletes. I will use my knowledge and skills to take them to the next level. It requires a lot of hard work, time, dedication, patience and confidence. And of course a lot of training, sleep and food!

Have you met the group yet?

“Yes, this is a great team of interested athletes and I am very happy to work with them!”

It is seven months since you were appointed. Why seven months?

“The 2022 competition season will end in seven months. After that I hope it will be even longer! It could be years. “

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You come from Great Britain and go to the Netherlands for this job. How long should you think about that decision?

“I grew up in Australia. As a coach I got a job in Northern Ireland. I worked there for three years. Then I moved to London, where I worked for a year. I have been all over the world. I didn’t think much about moving. A great coach friend sent me this vacancy. I’m looking forward to it and not looking back. “

How is your Dutchman?

“My Dutch is not good … not yet. I definitely want to learn the language. I started, but I hope the athletes will help me too!

Kieran in the canoe
  • Favorite sailing: “Sydney, Australia. This lake was used for rowing and canoe sprint events at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. This is a very quiet place to paddle, but paddling is exciting where the Olympians played in the race.
  • Kieran’s kayak: “I have a Nelo K1 (single kayak). Like the kayak used in the Olympics. ”

Canoe sprinters train at Willem-Alexander Pan in Zevenhuizen, near Rotterdam. At our current stage the Canoe Sprint would not be possible without those in Sportbridge Rotterdam. The same applies to Rotterdam Topsport and Allianz.

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