Kim Jong Un wants to expand the nuclear weapons arsenal and attacks the United States

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants to expand his arsenal of nuclear weapons. He still sees the United States as his worst enemy, even with a new president taking office soon. Kim said so on the fourth day of the Labor Party conference.

Kim said, among other things, that his country’s foreign policy should aim to subjugate the United States.

It is the first congress of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea in five years. In the past few days, Kim has spoken for nine hours, said Shord Dean Das reporter Radio NOS 1 News. He admitted the failure of his economic policies in recent years. “And therefore these harsh words towards the United States,” says Dean Daas.

Reducing the penalty

Of course he has The moment of fame He was with Trump: He sat at the table three times. This gave him a lot of legitimacy, especially in his own country. The United States, such a great enemy, is taking Kim so seriously that she will talk to him. “

Kim does not expect America’s stance on North Korea to change with Joe Biden as president. Dean Das says Kim is using the days leading up to his inauguration to pressure the United States.

This is also the reason why he once again spoke of expanding his nuclear arsenal, in the hope of eventually imposing sanctions.

“Access to tests”

There have been no nuclear and long-range missile tests since 2018. According to Den Das, Kim “remained silent.” He did, too, to keep the conversation going with Trump. “You can imagine this will happen again,” says Den Das. “The North Korean economy is on the verge of collapse.”

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“This means that the pressure on Kim to get something done is increasing. To increase this pressure on America, he can test again with Joe Biden as president.”

Yesterday, Kim said he wants to improve relationships with the rest of the world, but according to Den Daas, he needs someone who can be the boogeyman. He could also tell his people: We are investing an enormous amount of money in nuclear weapons, but this is necessary because of America. That means we may struggle now, but better times are coming. “

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