King and Prince Harry cheer as friendly rivals in wheelchair basketball final | Invictus Games 2022 (HC)

Invictus GamesPrince Harry and King Willem-Alexander together watched the wheelchair basketball final this afternoon on the final day of the Invictus Games in The Hague. The two chatted a little, but were also friendly foes: after all, the battle over the Netherlands was against the United States.

So King Willem-Alexander cheered more fervently for the Netherlands, and Harry did the same for the country in which he lives today. Unfortunately for King, Harry had little to celebrate: The end result for the United States was 51 points to 9 for the Netherlands.

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Willem Alexander and Prince Harry at Invictus Games. © VRpress

The men did not sit still during the general warm-up and DI-RECT performance. Prince Harry looked at the cat outside the tree for a while, but soon saw that Willem Alexander, Princess Margaret and Prince Peter Christian happily clapped, sang and moved. So the prince could not stay behind. During the first half, he also took the time to give the Dutch team members a hug.

“I am very proud,” King said of the Dutch basketball team that reached the final. But I’m especially proud of all those people who don’t have it easy. who served the country, helped the people, got hurt and got back on the right track with sports.”

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Prince Harry handed the medals to the winning team afterwards.
Prince Harry handed the medals to the winning team afterwards. © ANP / Alamy Limited

Harry was also taken during the reception moment leading up to the match: the Prince had never stood up for the press during the sporting event before, but King Willem Alexander got him to that point. Prince Harry handed the medals to the winning team afterwards. King Willem-Alexander, Princess Margaret, Prince Peter Christian and Prince Maurits’ son Lucas van Liebbesterveld, who is in the army, also toured the winning teams.

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