King Charyl kicks Harry and Meghan out of their home

They were asked to leave their last place of residence in the UK.

Is May 6th also marked with a big exclamation mark on your calendar? Do it now. On that day you can – along with the rest of the world – watch the King of England place the crown on his head in Westminster Abbey. But before that happens, Charles III wants to dot a few more i’s and cross a t’s.

The British royal family has an image problem. No, not because they’re going to get the King of Tampax, nor because Andrew, whose brother — for an undisclosed sum — bought out of his trial, no, Harry was convicted bitch — apologies the French — of Meghan gave the UK a bad name. The two got $100 million from Netflix to make a six-part series on the truth. Turns out they had a different reality in England.

No, these two must learn their lesson and so Charles – Harry’s father – has asked the jovial couple to vacate their home in the UK. Why should you have a 17th century mansion in the shadow of Windsor Castle, when you live in America. but? No, Uncle Harry, Prince Andrew could do that a favor. He’s been checking out the emo papers for some time now.

What seems logical to us is a shock to the British press, because: “If Harry and Meghan agree to the request and leave their British home, it will be seen as a significant weakening of relations between the spouses and the royal family. And this is just a few months before the coronation of King Charles this summer.”

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Bad everyone.

Photo: YouTube

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