King Felipe speaks for the first time on Juan Carlos | Entertainment

The Spanish king spoke at a special monument. In his speech, Felipe made his first public reference to Juan Carlos since his father moved to Abu Dhabi in August. Felipe gave his speech at Parliament House, where the coup attempt took place.

Felipe himself was 13 years old when the attempt took place and described the event as a historic moment in which he saw “the immeasurable value of freedom for the Spanish people”. Additionally, he praised his father’s determination. “King Juan Carlos assumed his responsibility as head of state and committed himself to taking all necessary measures,” said Felipe.

On February 23, 1981, the Civil Guard led by Antonio Tiggero stormed the Parliament building, where a vote was taken to appoint Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo as the new Prime Minister. Tejero wanted to end the democratization process that had begun slowly but surely after the death of dictator Francisco Franco in 1975. Juan Carlos appeared on television a few hours after the storming of Parliament and ordered the soldiers to return to the barracks.

According to historians, Juan Carlos was seen as the victor in the democratic process due to this measure. They also reminded us of this in recent years when Juan Carlos was increasingly insulted for his shadowy financial trade and walking. Juan Carlos has not been invited to commemorate one of the most important achievements of his reign, which ended in 2014.

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