KISS stopped by self-esteem and love for fans –

KISS retires due to “self esteem” and the “love” of its fans. Fascist Jean Simmons said so in a new interview. The American rock band discontinued it in 2018 and announced that it would finally be touring.

“The reason for stopping the tour was because of pride and self-esteem and love and admiration for the fans,” Simmons told Wiplash on the radio station KLOS. “You want to be the last world champion boxer. He’s been in the ring for a long time. It’s a time when you can not bear to be defeated by your feet.”

Simmons does not want to be one of those bands that will continue for a long time. “They forget the lyrics, you can see the deep wrinkles on their face. So we do the right thing: we stop when we’ve up. It’s sad, but it’s fun, too,” he said. ” Recent performances by KISS, founded in 1973.

Zigo Dom

The band will be performing in Europe and Australia in the coming months and will return to the United States later this year. On July 21, the men will perform at the Gigo Dome in Amsterdam on their End of the Road World Tour.

KISS is one of the most successful bands of all time. The band has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

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